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  • Review priorities and stop wasteful spending (e.g. grandiose cycleways)

  • Be clever with our assets and explore options to leverage growth for future generations

  • Reduce debt


Get the Basics Right

  • Improve accessibility for all by fixing our roads and footpaths

  • Deliver core Council services more effectively

  • Fix the consenting system

  • Maintain and improve our parks and playgrounds

  • Oppose 3 Waters

  • Stand against government's urban intensification plan

Protect our

  • Invest wisely in affordable and achievable climate action appropriate for Christchurch

  • Increase our city-wide tree canopy cover

  • Increase investment in our parks and create more urban green space

  • Invest in safe and simple cycleways

  • Improve public transport services

  • Continue to develop long term options for mass rapid transit


Better Community Engagement

  • Review how we engage with the wider community to achieve more inclusive outcomes

  • Listen to the community

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