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Do you support the new Stadium?

YES - I support the construction of Te Kaha Stadium!

Te Kaha will bring cultural and economic life back to the heart of our city. It will be a major stimulus for the Canterbury economy and the livelihood of our citizens for many decades to come.

Our central city is crying out for an asset like this, bringing fantastic sporting and cultural events: concerts, test matches, and most importantly people interacting with small businesses in the surrounding area.


How should we fund the increased cost?

Reprioritise the capital expenditure programme and conduct a review of council owned assets to explore options to maximise returns and sell property surplus to requirements.  Explore funding contribution from neighbouring Councils.

Do you support the Papanui Harewood Cycleway?

NO - Not in its current form.  This is the number one issue Papanui residents approach me about. Local residents have made it overwhelmingly clear that they do not want this proposal to proceed.

This project should never have been allowed to get this far. It is yet another example of a council that simply isn’t listening to residents.

Investment in active transport modes is important, however it should be appropriate and affordable and not at the expense of other essential works.


Well placed, simple, and safely designed cycle lanes are great for our city, but I am not convinced this cycleway is any of those.


If elected, I will seek to review this decision and work towards finding a more appropriate option acceptable to the community.

Do you support the Draft Christchurch Transport Plan?

NO - Not in its current form.  The Draft Christchurch Transport Plan proposes to introduce congestion charging and road tolls, block off roads, remove free car-parking and impose levies on private car parks. This is another example of the Council being out of touch with residents. I will not support these disruptive anti-car proposals. They will disadvantage families, elderly, mobility impaired citizens, people who have no alternative but to travel by car and hit them in the pocket where they can least afford it.


We need to create efficient, reliable and accessible public transport systems throughout Christchurch.  This includes continuing the work on planning and preparing for a future Mass Rapid Transit system for Greater Christchurch.

Do you support Climate Change Adaptation  Initiatives?

YES - As long as they are practical, sensible and appropriate for Christchurch, not just a cut-and-paste of what works for large cities in Europe or Asia.

We must develop climate adaptation initiatives that suit our City


We must ensure that initiatives are inclusive and co-designed with local communities, not forced upon them without effective engagement.  Extravagent cycleways for example.

Do you support 3 Waters Reform

NO - This reform takes away the water assets from local Councils and puts them into four mega-entities controlled by a complex and unaccountable Wellington bureaucracy.


This reform is being driven by a central Government determined to impose its centralisation ideology against the wishes of local communities.

Do you support the new housing intensification rules

Urban intensification is essential for all cities across New Zealand to address housing affordability and protect the environment. However, the Government’s one-size-fits-all approach is not appropriate.


The Government has no place imposing such blanket urban planning rules on city Councils. We should be making these decisions ourselves.


Our particular need in Christchurch is to increase density in our city centre and other key areas that have good public transport options and walkable amenities.

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